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Makita®5" SJS Angle Grinder,10.5A

Makita®5" SJS Angle Grinder,10.5A,11,000 RPM,USA

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Makita®5" SJS Angle Grinder,10.5A,11,000 RPM,USA GA5020
Part Number: 017.5020.05.
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Makita®5" SJS Angle Grinder,
Feature: 10.5A,11,000 RPM,
Feature: Sealed Armature Motor
Feature: SJS Technology
Feature 5 Made in Usa
• Built in SJS™ technology - mechanical clutch system that helps prevent motor and gear damage by allowing the drive shaft to slip if the wheel is forced to stop • Electric brake for maximum productivity • "Tool-less" wheel guard for more convenient adjustments • Spiral bevel gears for smoother rotations and a more efficient transfer of energy • Zig-zag varnish protects the armature coil from dust and debris for longer motor life • Labyrinth construction prevents debris from penetrating the motor, bearings and gears for longer tool life • Externally accessible brushes for greater serviceability

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